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Doodle Video Ads – New to Ipswich, Lockyer Valley and Toowoomba!

Did you know that more people in Queensland prefer to shop locally?

That’s right and did you know that a lot of local people may not know about you? And that’s where we can help. Let me ask you something…doesn’t Local to Local make sense? It does to us because we’re local and you’re local! That’s why we’ve created a new advertising tool for you and your business.  A way to inform, entertain and attract your ideal local customer – all in a light-hearted, friendly format. Here’s the thing…no-one wants to use their own resources to travel further away to get a service of job done that they could carry out in their own suburb – or at least close by.  And how many times have you personally gone somewhere, out of your way, to acquire a product or service only to find out that you could have gotten the same product or service just around the corner!

It happens all the time.  And it happens to your local customers.

But not on our watch! We love local and want to help you promote your business to your local area and potential customers. The scope and breadth of Facebook is huge and every day that you’re not using Facebook Advertising may be a day wasted with regards to reaching your ideal customer. Because Facebook advertising is so targeted you can share your business message, with your ideal future clientele or customers, for a very economical investment.

Even if you decide to just use your Doodle Video Ad on your website, or pinned to the top of your Facebook page (please tell me you have a business Facebook page – no worries if you don’t as we can organise that for you), it is a great way to promote your business in a friendly and likeable way. Doodle videos are seen as a non-invasive and informative medium – by just about everyone, because they are easy to watch, easy to get your information across and just plain fun. Let’s face it, we all work hard so watching a simple, short video message is like a breath of fresh air. I mean you clicked on the link, so if you felt it was worth investigating then your clients are likely to feel that way too.

So what’s involved in a Doodle Video Ad?

It’s really a very simple process.

We have a phone call with you to discuss your needs – ie:

  • Is your video going to be used as a profile raiser or is it for a particular product or promotion or both?
  • Do you want company or business photos included in the video? No problems if you do as we can incorporate those into your video.
  • What is your marketing purpose or message?

With Doodle Video Ads being so well priced (we told you we were supporting Local 😊) you can frequently update your message and incorporate DVAs in your advertising plan, keeping your profile up to date with developments within your company or store or organisation.

It’s a friendly and non-intrusive way to welcome your Facebook visitors and update your weekly, monthly or annual specials.

So, like we said – we’re local and live in Regency Downs in the Lockyer Valley. We have always had a heart for local business and built a regional TV station in New Zealand. The biggest thrill of that was seeing local business enjoying market share through affordable local TV advertising.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. You complete the information form below – let us know in the message box the best time to call
  2. We identify your DVA requirements during our call
  3. If photos are required you upload them to this website via a special link
  4. We create the DVA and we send a watermark copy to you for approval
  5. Once the ad is approved you pay on invoice and receive the final copy

So…How Much?


And you can use this DVA across your business – eg

Facebook Ad

Facebook Post

Website Home Page

Instore Promo

Take this opportunity to reach your local customers and get your

message across to your customers quickly and seamlessly,

using the most effective medium available – VIDEO

Complete the form below and let’s talk LOCAL!

Let’s go make a video…..