Here at BH Productions our goal is to provide entertaining and engaging video content that will leave a lasting impression for our clients. There’s no denying that video is a medium that is emotionally charged which can educate and impress at the same time. When combined with kinetic text or doodle drawing the effect is doubly effective as the viewer engagement digests the message more effectively, prompting a response which is controlled in the video content.

Content is like a steam engine – if it’s not fed with fuel it simply runs out of puff, literally. That’s why we are committed to making video content affordable to all our local companies here in the Ipswich, Lockyer Valley and Toowoomba region. Quick turnaround and cost effective production means you can utilise our services to keep your content and advertising fresh. To learn more of what we can do for you click below


Corporate Trailers

On a corporate level our Post Production Suite can create contemporary style video promos that stand out from the crowd. It's like a movie trailer...it leaves you wanting to see, hear and enjoy more. Isn't that how you would like to see your company presented. Great for staff perception and morale as well.

Facebook Video Ads

Our video production suite can create video projects like rapid doodle and explainer videos. Ideally suited for placement in social media and website home pages as they are engaging, effective and entertaining. Videos in Facebook are the single biggest engaging factor within this platform. Creative and visually appealing ads are a must to ensure your message is received.